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We're solving temporary ownership of physical recreational products by offering a subscription service to them.


Easily manage medical equipment and predict future maintenance needs and costs.

Collabor Inc

We help companies maximize customer lifetime value by increasing avg customer life, avg customer revenue & customer delight


BeAKid is a first of its kind cloud-based system that gives parents the power to manage all of their kids’ activities in one place.


Incluvie is the imdb for diversity in film, giving you the power to rate the racism out of Hollywood!


Safety, reliability, sustainability, price point, customer service, and luxury are part of Bound's value proposition. Bound will transform mid-range travel.

Beantown Bedding

Beantown Bedding's Laundry-Free Linens® are 100% compostable and are the first and only eco-friendly disposable bed sheets.

Busy Beauty

We make clean wipes for life's messy moments. 100% waste-free packaging, post-consumer compostable cotton & easy-to-pronounce ingredients.

Redpoint Positioning Corp.

With its Indoor GPS solution, Redpoint is transforming the way industrial customers are monitoring their operations, for improved safety and efficiency.


A web service where users can set up flexible payment plans for their flights.