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We empower users to choose the right wine, every time.

IBRID Outdoor Athletics LLC

Leaders create new markets. IBRID has created a hiking shoe hikers and backpackers didn’t know they needed. In our survey, 48% said they were likely to buy it.

LeadTime LLC

The second best way to share the life from the past to the future


Tunnel is the world's 1st cross-currency, real-time payments app & platform (cloud-based distributed ledger technology) allowing instant, global transactions.


CareSolver reduces cost & stress for family caregivers by guiding them to deliver superior care & providing the resources needed for success

WorkAround Online Inc.

WorkAround provides human annotation for machine learning data sets using an untapped skilled workforce of refugees and displaced people.

Constant Therapy Inc.

Constant Therapy provides tools for personalized and 24x7 brain rehabilitation to patients via iPads & software tools to providers for evidence based care.