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Mid-market self-funded employers (250 - 8K EE) are taking all the risk of employee healthcare costs, but dont have the expertise, and access to timely insights, and solutions to manage their population risk or cost drivers. Our tool enables them to understand and focus on cost drivers, risks and inefficiencies at a member and company level, track effectiveness across variety of healthcare services, and improve enrollment in innovative programs

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Management Team

Co-founder and CEO

Ramesh Kumar

co-founder of three technology start ups. One successful exit to a listed company. Experienced in Healthcare, Mobile and Data Science Previously worked at Monitor Group Trained as data scientist from Oxford and UPenn

Co-founder and CTO

Bijay Ghimire

Over 14 years of heatlhcare data management, technology and data science experience. Founded ITEG, which got acquired by D2Hawkeye, which subsequently acquired by Verisk. Experienced in big data analytics platforms, off-shore development and predictive modeling.

Product Marketing

Dipali Dey

Product UX and B2B product marketing. Experienced in launching products, managing all communication across website, social media, collateral, and online. Experience in testing product UX and use cases to continuously iterate. MS in Marketing and Advertising from BU. Part of management team in an on-line e-commerce start up that successfully scaled and built a strong brand.

Account Manager

Anjushree Bhattarai

Product Manager

Dan Wexler