Understory Weather


Understory—named for the area in a rainforest beneath the forest canopy—detects rain, hail, wind and other weather events directly at the earth’s surface, where the risk to life and property is greatest. While traditional, radar-enabled weather centers collect data by analyzing conditions observed in the atmosphere, Understory’s ground-truth-based detection is a marked enhancement in both resolution and fidelity, providing real time datasets and graphical views of the movement and intensity of weather events, which leads to better insight and early detection of risks. The data applications for Understory’s sensors are enormous, as $485 billion of the U.S. economy fluctuates with weather. This new, sensor-enabled big data will impact insurance, agriculture, broadcast, and many other industries. Watch us on the news! http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/08/21/boston-startup-company-uses-sensors-to-track-hail/

Management Team

Data Scientist

Hallie Bregman

CEO, co-founder

Alex Kubicek

VP of Deployment

Bryan Dow

VP of Engineering

Alexander Jacobs

VP of Product

Nicole Homeier

Front End Engineer

Michael Powers

Lead Software Engineer

Eric Hewitt

VP of Worldwide Sales

Brian Glantz