Sixpence Crowdfunding, Inc.


Sixpence is filling a gap in crowdfunding for ongoing, day-to-day causes (e.g. schools). With its signature "roundup giving" feature, sustainable fundraising is easy. Cost-perception is removed, and giving is made into a simple part of supporters' lifestyles. Sixpence is the first platform focused on removing barriers of affordability from giving, maximizing resulting social bonds, and minimizing the difficulty of follow-up and engagement.

Management Team


Christopher Haylett

Christopher has an interesting crossover of experience in many arenas. He's worked for nonprofits, done a significant amount of volunteer/nonprofessional fundraising (>$10k), worked in commodity and currency forecasting (once bringing 1000% returns in a weekend), and most recently was a marketing consultant. With Sixpence, he's solving his own problem, as he came up with roundup crowdfunding while fundraising for volunteer work himself.


Juan Macias

With a B.S. in Computer Science from the best-ranked school in Colombia and an M.S. in International Business, Juan has the perfect combination of technical, business, and leadership skills to make a fantastic CTO. He also has entrepreneurial experience, having previously built an app that won an annual innovation challenge at his university. He built the Sixpence iOS Beta entirely on his own and now directs our product and development efforts.


Kristijan Kocic

Kristijan has significant experience in entrepreneurship, bizdev, and sales. Deeply involved in the Central European startup ecosystem, Kristijan was the youngest Chapter Director in Startup Grind in 2015. Shortly after this, he began his own sales-as-a-service company. Within 3 months he'd made $10k in revenues (purchasing power of ~$40k-$60k in Serbia) and hired 2 employees. Kristijan dissolved this venture to attend grad school in the US.