Power Development International, Inc.


PDI utilizes its proprietary hydrokinetic technology to develop power projects in slower moving water, where other companies either can't generate power or compete economically. This IP, combined with PDI's years of experience in hydropower development, create a formidable barrier to the competition, and allows PDI to develop projects with risk-adjusted rates of return superior to any other form of new generating capacity available today.

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Management Team

Co-Founder, CEO

Thomas Feldman

Mr. Feldman is an accomplished energy industry executive with 20 years of experience in the energy and financial services industries. He is leading PDI in its efforts to commercialize a highly efficient, low cost hydrokinetic technology. Prior to co-founding PDI, he was VP of Development at Free Flow Power, where he advanced the largest pipeline of new hydropower projects in the U.S. from concept to commercial viability.

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Lissner

Mr. Lissner brings his experience leading hydropower and energy efficiency companies to help advance PDI's proprietary approach to hydrokinetic development. Dan was GC and VP of Operations of Free Flow Power, where he led the systematic development of over 100 hydrokinetic sites in the Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico. He also helped lead the recent effort to implement the first-ever 2-year hydro licensing process.