PeopleHedge Corp


Small businesses face high foreign exchange costs and limited access to risk management tools. It is unprofitable for financial institutions to deal with small transactions like these. New technology allows us to process any transaction, regardless of size, for a fixed cost. We aim to capture the under-served customers that large banks overlook and overcharge. This model has proven successful in Europe and we are importing it to the US.

Management Team

President and Founder

Damon Magnuski

Damon has worked in the options pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, repaired nuclear reactors worldwide, and helped modernize the family factory in Chicago.


Paul Giedraitis

A former radar engineer at Northrup Grumman turned quant, Paul has already further optimized the PeopleHedge trading algorithm to make it more profitable. He is also becoming a force for business development, fostering partnerships and connections.

Head of Marketing

Kacey Clark

Kacey is driving the marketing efforts of PeopleHedge through client acquisition, business networking, advertising, promotion and social media. He has formerly worked for Marriott, the Department of Defense and UPS in various roles.