OffGridBox is an all-in-one sustainable solution providing clean water and solar power to people in remote areas. After working on several projects in South Africa that took more than 3 weeks to install, they became inspired to create a turnkey solution that can be set up in only 3 hours. Since then, more than 36 boxes have been deployed in 12 countries, serving thousands of people in difficult circumstances.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Troy Billett

As a successful entrepreneur and experience helping a dozen companies fundraise and create 50+ partnerships, he helped OffGridBox secure over $2 million. With a focus on renewable energy and economic empowerment, he also serves as an Advisor for three startups, and he gives talks on social entrepreneurship at MIT, Harvard, and Shell. Additionally, Troy is an angel investor for technologies focusing on economic development.

Cofounder & CEO

Emiliano Cecchini

He is a scientist and serial entrepreneur, driven by his passion for solving challenges and helping people. He spent 20 years building sustainable utility solutions for impoverished regions while launching six international companies in the renewables sector. He worked for the Italian Government in the Kyoto Protocol implementation in Shanghai (PRC) and led the construction of the world's first underground hydrogen pipe system.

Cofounder & COO

Davide Bonsignore

He brings 7 years of experience designing, prototyping and deploying off-grid renewable energy technologies in South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria and Egypt. He is on the board of 2 renewable energy companies. Spending most of its time on the field in Rwanda, he oversees operations and works on continuously improving the Pay-as-You-Go business model, providing affordable clean water and electricity to thousands of people living on less than $2 per day.