Near Infrared Imaging


After 6 years, Near Infrared imaging (NII) is ready to launch our 2nd generation vein illumination device, the Vein-Eye CARRY (VEC), a lightweight, very portable, hands-free solution (for home infusion, hospitals and ambulances. The new Vein-Eye CARRY can penetrate fat, very dark skin and excessive body hair to detect veins. The Vein-Eye® CARRY is significantly better than the competition, lower-priced and safer.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Michael Feeney

M.S, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, has over 20 years experience in optics.


Mikhail Fridberg

Mikhail Fridberg, MSEE, has experience in all phases of optical hardware projects including requirements definition, system design, specification, component design and Implementation, algorithm development using Matlab and Simulink, Blackfin-based image processing and high- power IR LED illumination systems.