Magnet Analytics, Inc.


MagNet is a network of technology-driven micro stores selling vital products needed on the spot in high-traffic locations not available for traditional retail. MagNet micro stores provide a unique combination of precise information (typically only offered by online shopping) with immediate gratification exactly at the point of need. MagNet has the smallest footprint and highest efficiency in the market, reaching consumers where no one else can.

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Management Team


Eduardo Alvarez

Previously Eduardo founded VIGIX Inc. that created breakthrough software and hardware for automated retail. VIGIX was acquired by Zoom Systems in June 2013, the world leader in the industry. Eduardo formed joint ventures with IDEO and Flextronics, raised $5M of seed and venture capital. VIGIX Customers include Motorola, Sony, IBM, Coinstar, Richline, Procter & Gamble, Swatch, Rite-Aid, and Estee Lauder.


Ross Elkin

ZoomSystems Business Development Vigix, Inc. - acquired by Zoom Systems Vice President, Sales & Marketing Irving Oil Innovation & Development Welch's Vice President, Marketing

VP of Analytics & Strategy

Chris Charron

Forrester Research Executive leader of Forrester's teams covering the impact of technology on consumers -- including media and entertainment, eCommerce, mobile devices, consumer electronics, marketing, financial services, retail, CPG, healthcare, and customer experience. Managed research staff of 65, serving 500 clients. Executive leader of Forrester's Consumer Forum. Helped grow company from $50 million to $200 million.