EntraTympanic, LLC


EntraTympanic is developing a handheld medical device for the in-office treatment of pediatric middle ear infections. Physicians are seeking an alternative to the current 2-3 day watchful waiting procedure, which leaves the child in pain, and is often followed by systemic antibiotics which contribute to drug resistance and serious antoimmune and digestive disorders. The customer is physicians who treat roughly 25M US ear infections annually.

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Management Team


George "Buzz" Kenney

President & CTO: Dr. Kenney specializes in the creation of vertically integrated multidisciplinary technology and management teams to enhance performance, develop innovative new solutions, and address unmet needs in technologies from electronics and microphotonics to medical devices. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in startups for over 30 years. At MIT, he earned Bachelors '74, Masters '75, and Doctor of Science in '78.


Christian Pfeffer

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Pfeffer is an accomplished physician in pediatric oncology and cardiac surgery, and scientist. His current focus is on the development of innovative devices and technologies to deal with unmet medical needs. He has awards from the Inst for Foreign Affairs, Robert Bosch Foundation, and Marshall Foundation. He's a serial entrepreneur and co-founded Claros Diagnostics - acquired by OPKO Health in 2011 for up to $49M.