CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals


CONTINUUS will produce medicines for the pharmaceuticals industry through an integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM) technology, and help save this industry billions of dollars every year. Medicines will be produced at significantly lower costs (> 50% cost reduction), with reduced lead times (99% reduction from industry standard), and of better quality in one single facility with a footprint of 1/10 compared to existing manufacturing plants.

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Management Team

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Bayan Teisho Takizawa, MD

Bayan Takizawa is a co-Founder and Head of Business Development. He has experience in healthcare consulting (The Chartis Group) and venture capital (Actin Biomed). In addition, Bayan did a six month internship at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, where he studied the economic benefits of a novel continuous chromatography technology. Bayan has an MD from Yale, an MS in Engineering Systems and MBA from MIT, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell.

Founder & CEO

Salvatore Mascia

Salvatore Mascia was the former Strategic Project Manager at the Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing, where he led the integration of the ICM pilot plant. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and a BS and MS in Pharmacy from University of Perugia. Salvatore co-founded “Professionisti Italiani a Boston” in 2009, and was President of the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club in 2006/07.