Boup is a group travel planning platform that enables a group of individuals to plan travel together with the least amount of time and stress possible. Boup captures inputs such as destination, desired time frame of travel, individual availability, and others to break the travel planning process down into a series of basic functions and choices. The result is a travel planning experience that enables (instead of hinders) group travel.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Gregory Zintz

Mr. Zintz had the idea for Boup after numerous complex and unrealized trips got choked up in the planning process. He had big ambitions to travel with others; but became tired with the repeat inability to execute. Since graduating from Northeastern, Mr. Zintz has been refining both his business and technology acumen as a strategy, customer experience, and technology consultant.


Alex Melehy

Mr. Melehy is perfect for the Boup founding team for not only his expert skills in full stack IT platform design and engineering, but also for his constant wanderlust. Mr. Melehy is an avid traveler that has experienced all parts of the globe, mostly with the company of others. When he’s not traveling, Mr. Melehy has ben leading product engineering teams for a digital advertising company.


Benjamin Golkin

Excited to use Boup as his gateway to the world (alongside friends), Mr. Golkin has taken to heart the protection of young Boup’s interests. Responsible for the money and the legal protections of Boup, Mr. Golkin is constantly bringing a perspective of risk mitigation to the table. He has established this skill set through his active practice as a tax attorney in Manhattan.