Our end customers are parents with busy kids. We provide a way to organize all of their kids daily activities and connect to other parents whose kids are in the same activities or network. The way that we get to them, instead of paying $150 per user acquisition, we go to the businesses who are interacting with the parents and provide them with a platform to manage those relationships. They pay us for the privilege of acquiring our customers.

Video Pitch

Management Team

CEO & Founder

Daniel Barenboym

Daniel is a Massachusetts resident and a father of 3 kids, all in the 0-13 range. With over 17 years of experience in the technology field Daniel saw a need in a tool to help better organize kids daily lives, their activities and communicate to other parents on a range of subjects regarding kids education and upbringing. Thus grovvup was born. A visionary with an idea to help others Daniel is very involved in his community and his kids lives.


Dmitriy Akinshin

Over 20 years of programming experience. Has deep knowledge of multiple 
programming languages and is up to date on the latest innovations. His experiences as a programmer and as a father make him a great addition to BeAkid family.