Altaeros Energies


Altaeros Energies was founded in 2010 at MIT. Our mission is simple – to deploy the world’s first commercial airborne wind turbine. Our portable Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) harnesses stronger, more consistent winds found high above the reach of tower-mounted wind turbines. Altaeros Energies has partnered with the Alaska Energy Authority and TDX Power to launch its first 30-kilowatt BAT Commercial Demonstration in Alaska.

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Management Team

Co-Founder, CTO & CEO

Ben Glass

Ben is the inventor of the Altaeros BAT. Ben's background includes operating experience at MIT's Solar Electric Vehicle Team, MIT's Gas Turbine Lab, and structural analysis of a commercial rocket propulsion system at SpaceX. Ben received his S.M. and S.B. from the MIT Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Department.

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Adam Rein

Adam is responsible for product commercialization and marketing. Adam's background includes three years as a strategy consultant at Bain & Co. Adam has additional consulting experience in biodiesel markets in South Africa and operating experience in home energy efficiency with Next Step Living. Adam received his MBA/MPA degree from MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School.

Lead Engineer

Dr. Chris Vermillion

Dr. Vermillion is a recognized leader in control system design, dynamic modeling, and aerodynamic design. Dr. Vermillion is an Asst Professor at UNC Charlotte, and his previous experience includes three years at the Toyota Technical Center. Dr. Vermillion received his Ph.D., M.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S.E. in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering from the U. of Michigan.