Studio 16 Opens in East Boston to Help Startups & Nonprofits Tell Their Story

February 5, 2016

Three local filmmakers have converted a century-old firehouse in the Boston Shipyard into the city’s “new home for creativity.”

Studio 16 opened its doors in East Boston last week, providing startups, nonprofits, and content creators somewhere to share their story. The photo and video studio provides 2,500-square-feet of soundproof production space, 25-foot ceilings, a full kitchen and bathroom, and flexible workstations.

“We, as a city, have a big problem with storytelling,” says recent Emerson College grad and Studio 16 partner Tripp Clemens. “What we have to hire someone to do in Boston, someone in LA would do for free, because there’s an oversaturation of photographers and videographers. So many startups move out of Boston without their story being told.”

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