This Harvard Startup Is Sending Its DNA Machine to Space

February 5, 2016

MiniPCR - the startup that’s bringing DNA technology to the masses - has started to grow so much that it’s out of this world. Literally. The company will be sending one of its machines up to space this spring as the result of an annual contest it’s started.

It doesn’t stop there. According to the founders, Ezequiel (“Zeke”) Alverez-Saavedra and Sebastian Kraves, NASA intends to take their machines to the space station to do its own experimentation.

To keep it high-level, a PCR machine allows people to conduct DNA analysis for a multitude of purposes, including forensics, pharmaceuticals and even agriculture. Although PCR technology isn’t new, the machines are normally big and bulky, expensive and require a great deal of power to work. MiniPCR is a PCR machine that is just as effective, but, as the name implies, is far more compact, battery-operated and inexpensive.

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