Boston Startup Puts A New Spin On Silk, Replacing Petrochemicals In Clothing And Skincare

August 29, 2019

Greg Altman calls his company, Evolved By Nature, a “green chemical company,” because it’s using biotechnology to unlock one of nature’s most elegant chemistries – natural silk. Remember that we have the silk worm to thank for silk.

“The silk worm has basically a hypodermic needle at the end of a gland and it literally expresses silk and water solution through that needle,” said Altman, co-founder and CEO. “Proteins form fiber in a cocoon, and it’s that cocoon that led to the first manufacturing of silk fabric.”

Altman explained that silk worms eat mulberry leaves, which garner energy from the sun.  He describes silk as crop that doesn’t require pesticides or petrochemical fertilizers. “When we look at silk, we see feedstock for material innovation independent of petroleum,” Altman said.

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