Aereo's Founder Is Bringing ‘Affordable’ High-Speed Internet to Boston

February 2, 2016

To Aereo Founder Chaitanya "Chet" Kanojia, laying cable to build out Internet service is a thing of the past. With his new startup Starry, based in Boston and New York, Kanojia thinks the the future of high-speed Internet will be delivered not through cables, but through the airwaves using a convergence of various technologies. And Boston will be its first testing ground.

"We think that’s a really big opportunity, but globally as well when you think about most of the developing world," Kanojia told BostInno BostInno. "Most countries don’t want to lay cable."

While Starry unveiled the Starry Station—a fancy-looking, touchscreen-based WiFi station that seeks —and its plans to take on traditional Internet providers in New York last week, a majority of the startup’s roughly 50 employees are located in an office near South Station in Boston. Kanojia said that’s where his research and development team is, and that many of those employees previously worked for him under Aereo, his previous company that closed after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled its TV streaming service was illegal. The New York office, on the other hand, consists of business operations, marketing and communications personnel, he said.

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