AbleGamers 'Expansion Packs' Bring Assistive Gaming To More People, And Faster

February 4, 2016

As an able-bodied person, its easy to take simple pleasures like playing a video gamefor granted, but for people with disabilities, playing a game can be an exercise in futility. Without special gear, they are sometimes limited to watching, rather than participating.

The AbleGamers Foundation is a charity dedicated to sharing the joys of gaming with people with disabilities that prevent them from playing with traditional controllers. For nearly a decade, AbleGamers has been providing specialized controllers and assistive technologies to disabled children, teens, adults and veterans. The foundation just announced a new program called “Expansion Packs” that seeks to provide everything a care facility would need to have a game room for its residents or patients.

The foundation said it has provided custom solutions to thousands of people, but it wanted a way to help even more people, and at a faster pace, which Expansion Packs is designed to do.

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