Piranha TANK



One that has a profit model, and can explain how it benefits people and the planet.



Are you an entrepreneur, inventor, or business innovator with a game-changing idea? Get the capital to make it reality.

Apply for an opportunity to make a pitch to hungry investors. Find out how 30 minutes can change your life.


Investing in innovation is a thrilling way to change the future of business. Independent businesses create environments where smart growth, innovation, community, and planet-friendly practices can thrive. But investing in small businesses can be risky for a lone investor.

Together, the Piranhas find entrepreneurs, inventions, and ideas that promise solutions: solutions in all major sectors, solutions that are from and for your area, and solutions that ferociously chew up business problems.

Piranha Tank sniffs out the entrepreneurs, inventors, business people, and innovators with the best ideas, and connects them with investors who can fund immediate growth.

Our thought leaders travel the country, creating events and shows that inspire a new generation of sustainable business. Whether you’re just in the idea phase, or an established entrepreneur looking for financial backing to reach your next level of success, Piranha Tank wants to meet you.

We are investors first and promoters second. Applicants do not have to air their pitches to get funding. 

Join us as we capitalize on emerging technology, innovation, teamwork, and investment to generate real solutions to real problems. We believe that the world leader must also be a leader in sustainable business models. Our partnership program focuses on competition to raise money for commercially-viable solutions that work together.

Our national visionaries handpick a school of local influencers for each metropolitan area. At the Friday “Fish Fry” you’ll review applicants as a panel, assessing the best investments for your capital and Piranha Tank’s Profit-People-Planet goals.

Next event not in your area? We’ll be coming to you soon! Put in your application today to bring us to your neighborhood even sooner.