We're not VCs. We're Operators who write checks.


We know starting a company is easy, but building a company is hard. We know this because we've been there and have the scar tissue to prove it. We've been through layoffs and cutbacks. We've watched the stock market drop 40% and seen investors stop funding companies. We've gotten bad advice that was hard to ignore. We've argued with board members and investors.

We also know the euphoria of winning. We've launched great products. We've hired and mentored hundreds of amazing people, many of whom are now executives and founders. We've built software used by tens of millions of users. We've attracted hundreds of thousands of prospects without advertising. We've rung the bell at the NYSE to celebrate an IPO.

Our experience includes key roles at HubSpot, CarGurus, Jana, SolidWorks, and some companies where things didn't work out. Like we said, we've been there, and that's why entrepreneurs love working with us.