Branch Venture Group



Branch Venture Group invests in companies based in the United States and is looking for companies with the following attributes:


Companies at the beginning of their development cycle. Prototype, beta product, or product on the market with initial beta customer traction is ideal. We consider at investments that have the following attributes, advisory board, prototype, release 1.0, beta customers, seed funding, paying customers, release 2.0, series A, EBITDA.


Food businesses or product ideas which are innovative and/or utilize technology in an innovative way. We focus on investments in the food and beverage CPG, foodtech, and agtech spaces. Primary sector focuses include food and beverage products, digital content and media, e-commerce and marketplace platforms, direct to consumer, agriculture technology, industry robotics, restaurant technology, and related life sciences. 


Unique products and innovative thinking is a start, but lasting competitive advantage typically comes from such things as strong intellectual property, strategic relationships and agreements which are exclusive (or exclusive with respect to a specific field), first-mover advantage which can be converted into “ownership” of the customer relationship, very strong brand recognition, hard to duplicate manufacturing or business model innovation, or special skills or knowledge not easily replicated.


Branch Venture Group looks for founders and entrepreneurs who seek to build high-growth food businesses. Management team members are visionary, passionate, committed, tenacious, coachable and credible. We look for individuals that demonstrate leadership, effective and timely communication, clarity of vision, good listening skills, willingness to work hard, and a service- and customer-centric view of the world. 


Branch Venture Group looks for companies where the timely injection of an early round of $50K-$1,000,000 in capital with connections to industry mentors, advisors, and investors can support the next phase of growth including building out the team, releasing the commercial product, finalizing V2.0, etc.


Early-stage investing is a high-risk activity. Branch Venture Group looks for the potential to return capital invested to our angel members. To achieve this return companies must have a well-defined exit strategy.