Boston Seed Capital


Boston Seed invests in internet-enabled, consumer and B2B SaaS companies, and the supporting services marketplaces.


Boston Seed Capital provides early stage funding and support for internet-enabled businesses around the country. But we like to say: We fund from Boston.

Our approach is to identify and help extraordinary talent to create great new companies.
And, we want to contribute to the culture of invention, leadership and learning for which Boston and Massachusetts are known.

We are operators who have founded companies, grown companies, raised capital, acquired companies, taken companies public, exited companies and built and led cultures of great places to work.

Our experience is in internet-enabled, consumer, B2B SAAS and the supporting servicesmarketplaces. We like to dig in and help out in anyway we can to support breakthrough vision and huge successes for exceptional companies.


Portfolio companies include Timbre, Blaze,io, BostInno, Adagility, Sold., Sociometrics, Codeship, Jebbit and Draft Kings.