.406 Ventures


.406 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in innovative Information Technology ("IT") and services companies.


Larry Begley, Maria Cirino and Liam Donohue started .406 Ventures in 2005. They knew from working together for many years in operational and board settings that they shared the belief that entrepreneurs could benefit by working with venture partners who provided operational expertise along with capital.

They also observed a market opportunity. As venture firms raised larger funds, it was more challenging for entrepreneurs to raise the right amount of capital. They knew that the smartest entrepreneurs take as little capital as they can but as much as they should - and that the amount of capital shouldn’t be dictated by the size of the VC fund.

True to their entrepreneurial roots, they created a firm that addressed this unmet market need. Since its inception, .406 has been supporting emerging technology companies with a ‘back-to-basics’ venture capital approach.

The .406 team has grown as we’ve continued to build expertise in new segments but the commitment to our balance of operator-investor expertise remains the same. Today, start-ups can come to .406 for the right amount of capital to get off the ground.

Portfolio companies include Mashery, Ambient, Bedrock Data, Compass and CoPatient.