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Artisan’s Asylum is a 501 c3not-for-profit organization furnishing education, tools, workspace, and community to empower dedicated fabricators, including hobbyists, artists, and early stage entrepreneurs, to create on large or small scale. We serve the Somerville and global creative makerspace community, the arts, and the innovation economy with the goal of making the world a place where sincere, creative individuals are able give form to their ideas. // Amenities available to Monthly Members: *Access to member-only mailing lists, focused on knowledge sharing and collaboration *Proximity card access during your membership schedule *Social area, kitchenette, and shared coworking space *On-site, off-street shared parking lot and bike racks *Geothermal air conditioning and heating *First floor location with leveled concrete flooring *A tractor-trailer loading dock and floor-level double doors *Mail receiving and small package notifications *Communal pallet jacks, dollies and carts *Opportunities to become part of a diversely minded, but tightly knit community

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