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I want to assure everyone in Boston that we are leading with a coordinated focus on outreach, prevention, and services.

We are committed to building on this work, through our recovery, to create a more equitable community.

@KeishaBottoms Mayor, the entire @CityofBoston is keeping you in our prayers. I hope you have a quick and easy recovery.

@dougdavidoff No idea lol. I’m not deep in the rental car business model game I just like the ad

@edgeThink @bruce_crowley @tjmanastersky Thanks Mike. Just downloaded it for later today :)

RT @chrisswenor: Please retweet this so I can get a good handle at what other people prefer.

@aweissman Lethem on editing room floor felt criminal and made me think of you. Read Motherless Brooklyn on your rec.

RT @maggiecrowley: So cool to see @Drift on the most promising AI startups list. Extra fun fact: the product mgmt team on this is all wome…

RT @timohbee: So cool to see what Drift AI labs is doing behind the scenes and now seeing it recognized in Forbes! Just scratching the surf…

@tylertringas But also doesn't: Apple, Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Microsoft, Facebook.

@YasminRazavi I started Barbarian Days on Kindle and switched to paper halfway through, it was that good, I wanted to savor it more.

RT @CityOfBoston: Safely reopening Boston amid #COVID19 requires a strong partnership among City leaders, public health experts, businesses…

RT @CityOfBoston: To support employees of small businesses reopening during #COVID19, @BostonBTD is offering free 90-day @RideBluebikes pas…

RT @Carnage4Life: I love how this tweet makes it seem like turning $250,000 into a $1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5T) company is completely unremar…

Thank you team @Drift for putting in the work. It's the small choices we make each day that make all the difference…

RT @timohbee: Designers and PMs – start your day reading customer feedback before internal messaging/email. Good reminder about who you a…

@mrdavediamond I don’t schedule Dave diamond I re-use the hits

The job to be done was: sometimes sit down while working.

What if you published an FAQ page with all of the reasons people don't buy (or cancel) your product -- and answer them all upfront?

My plan is to reread each in the next ~5 years. Slowly.

@TalktoHenryJ @Jeremy_Horowitz Lmao. So you guys want to do an interview about how told me to do FB

@TalktoHenryJ Thanks to you and @Jeremy_Horowitz

Anyone willing to do a free YouTube consultation for me? DM me. I have something to offer in return I’ll share.

@andrewjmoss RNC is going to fight for this one until the end. Tells everything anyone should need to know.

RT @LaceyBerrien: Thrilled that @Drift was included on this year’s @Forbes AI 50 list!