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@vcstarterkit Founder secondary as part of a new primary round has been happening at the growth stage for years.

@EricaJoy oh no! waiting for mine to arrive today or tomorrow :-( why not so good?

@lameemz Do you know that for a fact?

RT @BridgeOTW: Today at Bridge, @marty_walsh and representatives from the Youth Action Board announced the new #RisingtotheChallenge plan t…

@MartelMetellus lmao. nowhere to be found now (shrug)

RT @LaceyBerrien: "If you want to build a business, focus on every interaction you have. You build a brand one person at a time." - @dcance…

RT @BostonParksDept: Come check out all the improvements we just made to #JamaicaPond! Sat. Nov. 23rd at 12p.m. Jamaica Pond Boathouse…

@TheOmarZenhom @robwalling Yes. I am now on a personal mission to get HubSpot on that list. :)

@JonathanDrake So you’ll get even more value in December than you paid for in November.

@anguyenrex The truth about being a manager no one wants to know. Your job is the solution.

Such a cool platform! Thanks @chazeltr0n for sharing all the details on @Stash's engineering organization! Work he…

@maiab Immutable primitives with full log playback to current state by default?

@pzakin @albertoarenaza @mfriedrichARK Pre-twilio?

RT @joshuafeast: Thanks to @VentureFizz for offering a virtual tour of our Boston office. A look at where we work and champion the elevatio…

@Saul_Lieberman Oh man, I WISH that was part of the deal...

@JHTScherck lol now it's warm :) trusted.

RT @BostonVets: Join us TONIGHT at 5 PM at 43 Hawkins St., 3rd Floor, for a Thriving in Business Workshop hosted by the Office of Economic…

@JHTScherck thanks for the support!!!!! :)

@BThomas2011 word. thanks. next time DM? :)

@BrendanHufford haha let's go. only 3. maybe next month? :)_

@TommyTahoe more effort required / expectation to deliver

@BrendanHufford but you aren't a Patron so probably in the A bucket? :)