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@cm We use it all the time. Always reminds me of great Kitchensurfing dinners!

RT @ScottKirsner: This Thursday at 11 AM ET: Talk about the fundraising enviroment for startups right now, with @epaley of @fcollective & @…

RT @RicardoGarciaAm: It was great hosting my friend @DCancel, Founder @Drift [$1Billion+ valuation] at our first virtual YCombinator Alumni…

@shaig Yes! @NataliaZarina has been advocating for this, have seen a number of global cities move swiftly to implement this like Bogota

RT @kadams24: If u're doing #marketing right now, u r going to be the best marketer u've ever been when the economy comes back. #Abundance

@omarish @chrisfralic Wow, got those "that took me back" goosebumps. Listening to old music is like time traveling.

@AvidanRoss @terronk His mom said it was OK to angel invest. Good outcome.

RT @_danieljmurphy: Fun fact: @privy is now available in French, Spanish and Portuguese. 3 months ago it was only available in English.…

190m downloads/month. He can go anywhere and be successful. That’s the power of an audience.

RT @CityOfBoston: As we start to reopen, Mayor @marty_walsh and the City are prioritizing the health of all residents while we continue to…

Tune in tonight at 5:00 p.m. as I join @wolfblitzer on @CNNSitRoom to discuss Boston’s approach to reopening.

@terronk they're all Simpsons characters. Comic Book Guy had a killer liquidity event.

Just spent the last couple hours working on fake cap tables. Pretty odd how much I enjoy it.

RT @AforBhaskar: @privy is one of the best lead generation tool to get started for free.

RT @LibbyMMaurer: Culture is not bullshit. It’s a differentiator, it pushes us to think & act human-first. If you believe this inquire with…

They are ready to do that for any one of us, at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day. Today, and every day, we are grateful.

Our goal is not to return to what existed before, but to build a more equitable and resilient city for the future.

I know reopening is a source of uncertainty and anxiety for many.