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@cashfIo dunno. i dont have a blog. i use @DGMktgGroup for blog/podcast/newsletter.

Forget networking. Spend your time building something you want to be know for in your industry (blog, podcast, YouTube, newsletter).

Tomorrow is the Supreme Court Day of the Year: the ruling on Trump’s taxes. Before you go to sleep tonight, say your prayers.

@araskin Yes. This is the next reality TV channel. Build a presentation live. A funnel live. Write sales copy live.

@c_gro @privy I like where this is going Day 1

@nbt Well written . Gets me thinking about the various slices by which a VC firm can be unbundled.

But I hope @_danieljmurphy is getting royalties on the back end. Thats the real champion.

@terronk @benedictevans Oceans 14

Sometimes you just have to disagree & commit. The best people will still push & be creative — even if it wasn’t their idea.

@kevinakwok Yeah. TIL Stanford has 2x more administrative staff than undergrads.

RT @nedwin: @LaceyBerrien @dcancel @TechCrunch @Drift I remember emailing DC 5+ years ago to ask about whether we should continue to be rem…

RT @ArtsinBoston: The deadline for our Radical Imagination for Racial Justice grants is TODAY JULY 8, 11:59PM EST! Visit

RT @nmirchi: If you want to be successful, you need to tell a story that showcases the experience and outcome your #customers are looking f…

RT @lifeofmlk: current scene: catching up on @SHO_Billions and watching my @Drift bot land us a meeting with one of our Q3 target accounts…

“‘leadership is about empowering other people as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact continues i…

@Post_Market And this move is the opposite of the spirit of the Directors Cup wins they're so damn proud of.

@gregcohn @superamit My mute/block list is growing faster than tiktok

RT @BostonFire: Engine-10 was filling the water tanks to secure the screen for tonight’s Mayor ⁦@marty_walsh⁩ . Drive in movie series at t…

@CharlesSmithC Nice, adding them all. Can I read cartel without reading power of the dog?

RT @ryanmjohnson: Google Public Datasets have been coming in handy during Covid. Here's Maricopa County community mobility data by week (ex…

@jjacobs22 Last bank acct number I had memorized was when I was a teen. Needed to know it to fill out my deposit slips to cash checks.

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