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@araskin Great quote. I’m in. DM me when you need my address.

@VeryGoodCopy @ryanbonnici I’ll send Ryan a referral fee

@VeryGoodCopy @ryanbonnici Lol wanna come work with me? I mean ....

Let people hate on online courses. You be the one who created something about a topic you’re passionate about - with 97% margins

Who is the best copywriter you’ve ever worked with?

To all those fighting every day in the labor movement to make life better and safer for everyone: thank you, and happy #LaborDay!

Related: @ryandeiss once shipped me a copy of Eugene Schwartz “Breakthrough Advertising” with a note:

My best ideas for work come whenever I’m not working should probably just BE ON VACATION 24/7 No?

@fdestin Sure you can, but not everyone you meet with does. So there are constantly wrong meeting links and it’s su…

RT @KamalaHarris: This weekend, we must remember that labor built the middle class in our country and lifted up working Americans. We have…

@timocity Thank you!

@SheshLeadership @joindgmg Doesn’t attract the right crowd

Labor Day Sale @joindgmg membership is just $10.

I love Labor Day because it always ups my sense of urgency. Removing twitter from my phone now.

@jon_hegarty @FoxNews I say that the President should stop fanning the flames of hate.

RT @levie: Welcome to opposite land, where now the drug makers need to watch over the FDA to ensure that drugs don't come out too soon. htt…

RT @zachweinberg: I believe this is what I'm supposed to call crazy liberal cancel culture?

RT @nivi: No one is going to pay you what you’re worth. You have to start a company.

@jabbawy @Shopify @dhopediamond @gwenelliot Whoa let’s go! Gonna put a big number this month.

Smart people in my life are regularly telling me now's the time to pay attention to DeFi.

@brettberson @AliaksandrH The Snowball isn't about that the way Barbarians is, but has lots of the same flavors.

RT @danielgross: Video of Swedish House Mafia making one of the most successful songs of the last decade reminds me of how Apple designs —…

@kanishkkapur_ That's helpful. I guess I'm confused by what's mostly half a story.