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Beldwell is dedicated to helping people build happier, more financially secure lives. Money matters can be stressful and, too often, even a taboo subject. Beldwell believes this doesn't have to be the case. They are creating beautiful physical artifacts that connect to, and reflect, your financial habits and change your experience with money.

Athletic Diabetic

In 2011, 3.6 million people died from diabetes. As a type II myself, Athletic Diabetic will save my life and millions of others as well.

Feet First

Once they're on your feet your only worry is up top and we got you covered


Manufacturer of the worlds first bacpack style worn Hands-Free & Inversion-Prood new weather protection device/umbrella.


Patented Points-based air-miles like consumer reward platform that "greenfies" all marketing offers and lowers the carbon footprint with every shopping dollar.


KangoGift was named a "Brilliant Idea" by Entrepreneur Magazine for making employee recognition easy and effective. KangoGift's approach has led to a successful partnership with IBM along with the opportunity to work with global organizations looking to enhance their corporate cultures with KangoGift’s HR tools. Achievements include winning or being named a finalist in Mass TLC's Mobile Innovation Awards, MITX's Start-up of the Year, MassChallenge, and the YEi French Laureate competition. KangoGift is based in Cambridge, MA.


STEMid = Science, Technology, Engineering Math internship database and matching service. It facilitates hands-on learning and mentorship.


Hellow i wanna start a villa or a resort busniess in maldives thank you any further information contact my email

Venvy Inc.

Automated video tagging technology to make interactive video for the masses and provide unprecedented analytics for marketers.