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Echelon International

My company is a scientific research and development company. Our first project is to find an alternate engine for automobiles.


MDCapsule is a medical social platform that makes it easy for consumers to communicate and manage their health with their care provider team

Millbrook Motorworks

Millbrook Motorworks,providing real choice for maintenance and repair needs through quality repairs, understanding and trust.


A healthy eating platform that customizes healthy menus and delivers the ingredients and recipes needed to prepare these meals to your door

Cell Match USA

We're an online company that helps customers get out of cell phone contracts without paying hundreds of dollars in termination fees.

Motigenix Inc

A novel platform to develop first-in class drugs for treating NASH, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's diseases. A lead molecule, MG1023, is identified and validated.


Micro Photo Blogging, quickest way to share mobile pictures with friends and families.