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Easily manage medical equipment and predict future maintenance needs and costs.

GléTech, LLC

Our secure B2B platform enables real-time and traceable transactions, by connecting procurement managers with vetted farmers anywhere in west Africa.

Cellaria Biosciences

Patient specific cell models and cell culture systems that improve representation of patient heterogeneity for disease research and drug screening

Javelin Biotech

Revolutionize drug development and regulatory submission by replacing animal testing with the combination of human Organs-on-Chips and computational biology/AI.

Gray Matters

We sell creative clothing in order to raise money for Alzheimer's research. We want to create a sustainable initiative, not just a one-time donation.

Highlife Systems

An automation system that reduces wasteful consumption of electricity while providing customers with a way of interacting with appliances.


Soundfest: Smartphone software and hardware for people with hearing loss. Better hearing when and where you need it.

The App Cauldron, Inc.

Innovative apps that power the fitness of body and brain and foster a natural curiosity by offering vital tools to train and track oneself.