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Molecular Creativity

Extracting DNA information related to variations that impact nutrition to guide selection of personalized supplements.

Shuddh Shakahari

Shuddh Shakahari is a Hindi Word which means Pure Vegetarian. Lot of people still prefer eating vegetarian food. We are offering the Pure & best food around.

OL Froyo Management

Multi-unit Developer of the hottest franchise concept is seeking capital for expansion. We own the top US Orange Leaf shop in sales.

Brandeis University

Revolutionary advancement of PCR detection technology. Revenue ready with licensee lined up for one application of the technology.


Beldwell is dedicated to helping people build happier, more financially secure lives. Money matters can be stressful and, too often, even a taboo subject. Beldwell believes this doesn't have to be the case. They are creating beautiful physical artifacts that connect to, and reflect, your financial habits and change your experience with money.


WrightGrid specializes in designing and manufacturing solar-powered charging stations.

American MoJo

Mojo was started with the goal of delivering massive-impact social change, helping to break the generational cycle of poverty.

Echelon International

My company is a scientific research and development company. Our first project is to find an alternate engine for automobiles.