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Zyrra uses mass-customization technology to solve a widespread problem: It is difficult to find bras that fit, and bra-shopping is a chore.

YouTube Sync

Watch YouTube videos with people, synced up like live TV, from different locations.

Finale is a charitable online music store. 10% of every purchase is donated to a cause the user chooses.

Onset Technology

OnPage, an encrypted priority messaging app. Messages arrive with continuous alert until acknowledged to a dedicated inbox with audit trail.

Lightning Strikes/Thunderbolt Theater

New England needs ten upscale, high-tech family entertainment centers in wealthy demographic locations, includes 32 lanes of ten-pin bowling, Dave & Buster's...


Catch offers an app where freelancers and independent contractors can manage savings, retirement, and insurance all in one place.

Windgap Medical

Windgap Medical is developing healthcare products that meet the demands of your lifestyle

Cultura Labs, LLC

A B2B Indoor Horticulture Design & Supply Company catering to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Massachusetts and beyond.


indoNRI is a local platform for global Non-Resident Indians (NRI) & South Asians to discover cultural events, classifieds, ethnic business.


Enable 3rd World to profitably produce and better apply USFDA quality bio-pharmaceuticals, defeating drug resistance while bringing improved standard of living.