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Grove is leading the movement toward sustainable, diversified agriculture with a range of products and technologies that empower people to grow fresh food.

Rate A Major, LLC

It's a collaborative social network for students and professors. New students can have a virtual experience useful in final decision making.


Share the exercise information with sport industry to create cyber gym in the social networking.

Legal Group

At get valuable information, advice, help & article regarding employment law, financial services, legal services.

Community Crunch

Community Crunch offers a unique new promotional platform directly aimed at helping local businesses and non-profits make a big-time impact.


We give farmers/agricultural foods suppliers a window to the world of buyers and global agro-processors in one easy platform with advanced logistics/technology.

Smooth 8

New Smooth 8 Cleansing Water Drops stimulates weight loss, boosts energy & kills acidity in ANY beverage

Not It

I've come up with a city wide game of tag in a sense. I've received excellent feedback only I don't have the funds to get it going.


Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based educational technology for interactive learning and assessment. Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant uses powerful Natural Language Processing to provide automatic assessment of students’ open-response answers along with qualitative feedback. It engages students in adaptive tutoring conversations and helps them master concepts and solve problems. Cognii supports inquiry-based learning and facilitates implementation of Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Cognii also makes quality higher education scalable by engaging and supporting students in MOOCs. Cognii is helpful in corporate training to prepare employees for the challenges of the modern innovation economy. Cognii’s vision is to democratize the development of high quality learning environments and improve the quality and affordability of education. Students can learn any topic, anytime, anywhere with the help of Cognii’s interactive formative assessment. Today, students across the U.S. are benefitting from Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant and are finding it highly satisfactory. Cognii works with publishers, edtech companies, schools, assessment companies, online courses, MOOCs, and platform providers to bring its next-generation adaptive technology to learners. Cognii's solutions can be used across subject areas and are suitable for K-12, higher education, and corporate training.