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Overcome the Barrier, INC

We train native speakers how to use our platform and connect them with learners and keep 20% of teachers' earnings.


We need a 10k loan to start the perfect brand. Our hat collection is currently our fastest top seller. We need capitol to meet our demand for more. is uniquely positioned to bring consumers the largest selection of heirloom quality wooden and educational toys from around the world.

State Studios

We want to make investing easier for retail and institutional managers through MarketBoard.

ZwitterCo, Inc.

Nanofiltration membranes that affordably treat industrial wastewater without fouling.

ATOEMic Submarines, Ltd.

Transformative Autonomous Transient Ocean Event Monitoring (ATOEM) robotic submarine "mothership" capable of unmanned launch & recovery of multiple smaller AUV.

Briefcase Analytics, Inc.

Briefcase harnesses advanced information technology and big data to test global supply chains for weak links.

BlazeFund, Inc.

BlazeFund equity crowd funding brings together 3 groups - entrepreneurs (with a focus on professors), crowd investors, and institutions