Zoora is an exclusive e-commerce platform providing women access to the hottest independent designers. More than that, members can personalize garments they discover, altering colors, fabrication, hemlines, necklines and other detailing to suit their needs. This is essentially mass customization, offering designers a solution to sell demi-couture fashion and the ability to scale their businesses.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Managing Founder

Aubrie Pagano

Aubrie styled her first outfit on the first day of kindergarten – insisting her Victorian boots were best paired with her black skirt. In 2010, working as a financial consultant by day and a designer's apprentice by night, Aubrie saw an opportunity: Designers want access to new customers, and customers want more personalization in designer's clothing. Someone needed to link these two populations, and Aubrie wanted to try.

Technical Co-founder

Chirag Nirmal

After founding and launching two successful startups –Ringtela in 2010 and Diet Plan Manager in 2007 – Chirag began looking for the next challenge. He teamed up with Zoora to apply his technical expertise in the rapidly growing e-commerce market.

Head Buyer

Alana Hefter

Alana always knew she wanted to be in fashion. She set out to study retail and business at Syracuse University; there, she had the opportunity to attend The London College of Fashion and work at Browns in London. She then moved to New York City, becoming a senior buyer in women’s contemporary and for Bloomingdale's. Inspired by Zoora's mission, Alana jumped on board to help women all over the globe, find the "perfect" outfit!