Yobe Inc


Yobe has developed a novel technology that is the result of innovatively combining artificial intelligence, advanced signal processing, and broadcast studio techniques. Yobe uses biometrics to aggressively separate and enhance the voice of interest from background voices and sounds. This framework allows convenient programming of sophisticated categorization and voice identification while operating in noisy environments.

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Management Team

Co-Founder /Chief Technology Advisor

S.Hamid Nawab

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Boston Unv. head of the DSP research. An internationally renowned researcher, engineer, and educator, Nawab (PhD, MIT '82) conducts research at the intersection of signal processing and artificial intelligence for applications in speech, audition, and neuroscience. He has published over 100 research articles and co-authored the seminal book on "Symbolic and Knowledge Based Signal Processing".

Co-Founder/ Senior Advisor Audio Innovation

James Fairey

James is the Director of production for CBS Raido, and has over 25 years of broadcast experience. James oversees audio production teams with annual sales in the tens of millions of dollars. He's the administrator for Internet audio, and programs audio processing for the company’s terrestrial and online streaming platforms. James consults on audio training programs for Berklee College of Music, the Art Institutes of America, and Georgia State.


Kenneth (Ken) Sutton

Big picture visionary with over 19 years of entrepreneurial and corporate business management and strategy experience building companies/product teams in the Technology, Marketing and Financial Services arenas. Ken is the founder of Co-Mune (a Community Mobile Commerce and Collaboration platform) and Managing Partner at Sutton Willis and More, a Connecticut based boutique capital advisory firm.