Xtone, Inc.


172 million Americans have smartphones and want to use their mobile apps while driving; likewise, companies want to enhance their mobile apps with voice-driven UI's so users can access them when they’re on-the-go. Demand for Siri-like UIs has created a global market for the platforms/tools needed to create them. Xtone is leading this market with Xavi, our patented, write-once/run-anywhere platform, our proven team and our first-mover advantage.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Stuart Patterson

Stu was previously CEO of SpeechWorks, the original leader in network speech solutions. After taking the company public in 2000, Stu merged SpeechWorks with Scansoft (now Nuance), where he served as President until 2004. Before SpeechWorks, he co-founded and led Vicorp Interactive Systems, a developer of software for online data and voice services.. Stu was named a "Technology Pioneer" by the World Economic Forum.

CTO and Founder

Vishal Dhawan

Vihsal has startup DNA - translating vision and ideas to category-leading, user-centric products - and a track record of driving lean teams to deliver unique and innovative technology solutions. - Founder and CTO, Xtone Networks - VP Technology, iBasis Speech Solutions - Now Convergys Speech Solutions - CTO, PriceInteractive - Acquired by Ibasis - Founder and CTO FusionTec - Acquired by PriceInteractive

VP Sales

Mike Rozelsky

Mike has spent the last 25 years in the CRM industry with 10+ years in the field of speech recognition. Prior to joining Xtone, he held executive sales positions at Mattersight, Nuance, Voxeo and Speechworks. While at Nuance he was instrumental in driving the design and early adoption of mobile enterprise applications based on virtual assistants. Mike graduated from Boston College magna cum laude with a B.A. in business administration.