WatchRx, Inc.


WatchRx is targeting the $290B medication non-adherence problem where 7M seniors take 10+ meds everyday. 22M caregivers,mostly women working full time, care for someone 75+ juggling family, work and caregiving. Watch, priced at $99 with monthly $19/29/39,provides real-time feedback to caregiver via our mobile app. We are partnering with major pharmacy,telco and hospitals and a Fortune 100 company has approached us for distribution in US and EU.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Arun Buduri

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leader, Mentor and Startup Advisor, with a passion to creating products and solving hard problems, leading large organizations, launching blue ocean business verticals, World-class Award winning products, and holds/filed multiple patents, with a crucial mix of Home Automation, IoT, and Big Data.

Founder & CEO

Jayanthi Narasimhan

Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator 25+ years of product development VoIP, Broadband, CableTV, Sonet/Sdh, IP/MPLS SME in IoT, Wireless, Telecom, SoC Fujitsu, Genband, Parama, Tata