SyncStrength (SS) provides a one-stop-shop for health analytics. SS minimizes the guesswork involved in optimizing health and performance, programming training, preventing injury and more. Leveraging years of scientific research, SS’s analytics software uses wearable tracking devices to collect and sync data across multiple people and multiple data types, ranging from heart rate and injury to speed, distance, and performance stats.

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Management Team


Daniel E. McCaffrey

Daniel leads the overall product vision at SyncStrength. He has experience as a clinical researcher (Harvard Medical School) and clinician (National Institute of Health). He has published multiple peer reviewed articles and book chapters in neuroscience and neuropsychology. Prior to this, Daniel gained valuable management experience in the private sector at Goldman Sachs & Company and Citibank.

Chief Scientist

Kevin C. Bickart

Kevin completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience as part of his MD/PhD training at BU School of Medicine. His research investigated real-world social network and psychophysiological data using statistical and neuroimaging methods. This research, published in top journals including Nature, and his extensive scientific experience uniquely equip him to develop, test, and refine analysis protocols for evaluating group dynamics using psychophysiological data

Chief Technologist

Mark Hollenbeck

Marks expertise as a data scientist is to develop meaningful relationships within complex scientific and health data using various computational tools. He spent three years as a data analyst, conducting MRI neuroimaging research at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. His skills as a computer engineer have also previously been applied to the research and development of consumer products

Daniel McCaffrey