Sultan Of Suave Creative LLC


We search for great, little known historical stories and explore their potential for a film or stage play. We structure our projects to avoid common traps for independent producers and to give our investors multiple opportunities for preferred returns. SOS understands how to effectively tell stories on film and on stage, and how to achieve commercial success with those stories in the enormous emerging market for faith friendly entertainment.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Lloyd Lyles

Lloyd Lyles is an entertainment industry professional with 20 years’ experience producing, managing, editing and creating film and other media. He has a distinct creative vision and magnetic ability to identify and attract seasoned professionals.

Entertainment Attorney (ADVISOR)

John Scanlon

John Scanlon, specializes in business development, financing and operations; legal and corporate affairs, mergers and acquisitions, sales and partnerships; contract negotiation; and intellectual property. Scanlon’s clients include: a television network, independent film production companies, and a bestselling author.

President Film/TV Production Company (ADVISOR)

Steve Rubin

Steve Rubin, is President of Fast Carrier Pictures, an independent film and television production company with a first look producing deal with Showtime. As a motion picture publicist and promoter, Rubin spent 22 years working on the production and release campaigns for over 150 films, for MGM/UA, Paramount, Columbia, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros.

Broadway Producer (ADVISOR)

Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport's Broadway producing credits include Godspell, Chinglish, Oleanna starring Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles, Will Ferrell’s You’re Welcome America, Blithe Spirit, starring Angela Lansbury, 13, along with numerous Off-Broadway shows. Davenport’s productions have grossed more than $100 million worldwide.