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Boston-based enterprise software company that helps food businesses manage unsold inventory


ThinkGenetic reaches undiagnosed and diagnosed individuals living with genetic disorders, helping to reduce time to diagnoses and reduce healthcare costs.

Health Beacons, Inc.

Health Beacons' RFID Breast Tumor Localization System revolutionizes the standard of care for marking non-palpable breast tumors for surgical removal.

The Dinner Daily

The Dinner Daily is the busy family's affordable and healthy answer to the "What's for Dinner?" Dilemma.

Access Vascular, Inc

Access Vascular develops venous access devices that significantly reduce the risk of thrombosis and infection.

Tri-Horn International

Real-time Head-Motion Stabilization Training Technologies co. Our activity specific products shorten the path to mastery in Golf, Marksmanship, Hockey, more.

Gellért Health

Gellért Health has introduced the next generation of over-the-counter joint care that is becoming a mainstay on pharmacy shelves