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Flying assisted Robots, precisely work at very high speed over very long distances. Work Drones, earning their pay where they are the best solution.


A Commercial Equipment Financing Marketplace - Connecting Businesses, Dealers & Lenders - Making Equipment Financing Easy, Fast. and Cost Effective.

Baraka Networks, PBC

Data-driven global health impact investing platform connecting investors to health innovators addressing major health system priorities at the BoP.

Mobile Oxygen

The SnapScreen delivers 10 X engagement to your mobile shoppers.

Gellért Health

Gellért Health has introduced the next generation of over-the-counter joint care that is becoming a mainstay on pharmacy shelves


CueThink makes math social through an engaging peer-to-peer platform that is proven to drive critical thinking skills. Funded by National Science Foundation.


Shaving Bump Products sold Online & Amazon. In development an effective & fast acting Acne Kit that can go against PROACTIV. PROACTIV had $800 MM 2014 sales

WorkAround Online Inc.

WorkAround provides human annotation for machine learning data sets using an untapped skilled workforce of refugees and displaced people.

PhiLance, Inc.

A community-supported jobs platform for people in distressed communities