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Tauten, Inc.

Tauten is seeking "go to market" $2M in B round funding for fully developed, patented knotless connection system for the $48B sports fishing market.

Oxigen USA, Inc.

Disrupting the $70b India remittance market with mobile money and micro-remittances.

Xtone, Inc.

Xtone enables companies to add Siri-like UIs to mobile apps so their users can access content and apps while they're driving or on-the-go.

Metizsoft Solutions

A fast growing IT solution company, our web development, web designing, e-commerce development services tend to help you in achieving your dreams.


Twiage sends powerful data between ambulances and hospital teams to accelerate life-saving emergency care.

The Coaching Connector, Inc. (TCC)

TCC introduces the public to coaching and enables them to find the perfect coach. It delivers coaches a strong referral source and tools for profitability.


SAT/ACT prep delivering 3x results at half the cost. Our adaptive platform combines software developed at MIT & human coaches, together in a unified experience.


The easiest way to gather feedback and engage at scale.