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Sense is a home energy monitor for homeowners to understand their energy and know what's happening at home with real-time energy consumption data.


Rosetta Stone or Duo Lingo for Musical Instruments


Our mission is to democratize biomedical information through technology


Finalee provides an ad-free and clutter-free experience where businesses can put their best foot forwards and users can simply find what they are looking for.


Splitzee makes group money easy. We're dedicated to saving you and your club, team, and groups time, money, and above all else: HASSLE.

Pupilize Corporation

This is the only All in one convenient unique portable music app of features that will change the way we want to hear,see,share,sing our music on&offline

Rejjee, Inc.

Rejjee captures the frustration of the 93% of stolen/lost property ($40B), is never recovered. We connect consumers w/targeted retailers to replace those goods

AblaCor Medical Corporation

AblaCor is developing a new single-use catheter product to significantly reduce the burden of atrial fibrillation, while providing a positive ROI for investors.

Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging's low-cost, throwable omnidirectional cameras enable first responders to safely inspect dangerous spaces in 360 on their phone without entering.


Fast, portable, and convenient nutrition deficiency testing