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Parkaze is a hassle-free, community-powered parking and navigation platform where you can host and rent privately owned parking spots

Gabr, Inc

The true commitment free communication platform for today's social media users.


SparkCharge makes a portable, ultra-fast, and modular electric vehicle charger that are delivered to an electric vehicle owner on demand by any service.


ThinkGenetic reaches undiagnosed and diagnosed individuals living with genetic disorders, helping to reduce time to diagnoses and reduce healthcare costs.


Design2Recycle(TM): Magnetizable coatings for enhanced recycling


WeSpire is an employee engagement platform that helps global companies design, run and measure the impact of their purpose-based initiatives.


Bevi makes internet-connected water coolers for offices that provide unlimited sparkling, still, and flavored water on demand.

EntraTympanic, LLC

A device and procedure for the in-office treatment of middle ear infections with immediate pain relief and without systemic antibiotics.