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We allow our users to find the best events in an area. While providing event coordinators a platform to increase there attendance and profitability.

New View Surgical, Inc.

A surgical visualization company that is developing the VisionPort, a camera platform technology that makes surgery simpler, safer and more cost-effective.

EchoMe Inc.

EchoMe is a real-time music platform that enables users to broadcast the music they are listening to


We co-develop & co-market 2 medical devices, perform contract research services, & are developing a proprietary asthma rescue treatment.

Black Infusions

Black Infusions has produced & launched the first of 2 naturally infused, hand crafted artisan spirits using only real fruit. Gluten free, made in the USA


Plexx is a mobile skill-building marketplace for youth without a degree to learn skills, anytime, anyplace, get a job, and launch a career.


Outpatient transcatheter delivery of rf energy to tighten the mitral valve biologically and eliminate functional mitral valve regurgitation without an implant.

Patient TalkBack

Mobile platform to obtain realtime feedback, facilitate communication of patient & depts within a hospital and improve patient satisfaction.

OpenTab, Inc

OpenTab is an app to order drinks at busy bars so that you don't need to stand in line.It improves bar productivity, sales, tips, and customer satisfaction.