Startup Blvd


Startup Blvd is an online platform where early stage ventures can connect with customers, channel partners and key resources. In other words, we connect innovation seekers with innovation creators using technology and social media networks to facilitate connections simply and elegantly. Our customers include corporations and organizations who actively seek innovation created outside their own boundaries.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Enrique Shadah

Mechanical engineer turned management consultant turned investment banker turned die-hard entrepreneur. I am passionate about building businesses that aim to solve important problems in society. I am a firm believer in democracy, conscious capitalism and entrepreneurship as a driving force for socio-economic prosperity for all.

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Sattler

Business planning, business strategy analysis and consulting, application design, project management, process design, operations management. Michael has been developing web-based products and services (from strategy to design to execution and operations) for seventeen years. He's hands on when necessary.