SparkCharge makes a modular, portable charging unit that can charge an electric vehicle ultra fast. The compact chargers can be delivered to an electric vehicle owner on demand via Uber, AAA or any service company. This creates a mobile on-demand charging infrastructure allowing EV to charge anywhere. SparkCharge is a scalable solution that creates a charging infrastructure solution at a fraction of the cost and a much faster implementation rate.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Joshua Aviv

Joshua is a certified Data Scientist and the Founder and CEO of SparkCharge, a company specializing in the portable charging of electric cars and is a dynamic figure in the cleantech community. Joshua is also the most recent winner of the worlds largest pitch competition 43North. Joshua holds B.A. in Economics and a Masters in Information Management and Data Science from Syracuse University.


Christopher Ellis

Christopher is an Electrical Engineer with experience in power systems, power electronics, battery management systems and multi cell battery pack design. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego with an specialization in Power Electronics. Christopher is the CTO at SparkCharge and is currently working on advancing high power switch mode power supply design and energy storage systems for SparkCharge's EV Chargers.

Lead Systems Engineer

Richard Whitney

Richard is an Electrical Engineer and Co-Founder and Lead System Engineer at SparkCharge. Richard has a background in Electrical Design, Manufacturing Engineering Integrating Robotics, Embedded System Engineering, Software Engineering, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Air Traffic Control Software and Protocols, and Military Avionics Systems. Richard holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Jawad Qasaymeh

Jawad is a mechanical Engineer with multiple years of experience in new product development, manufacturing systems, automation, product design, electronics manufacturing, and packaging. Jawad holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and System Engineering has a patent on 3D printing using a cold spray coating mechanism to implement it in additive manufacturing. Jawad is currently leading product design & manufacturing at SparkCharge.

Business Coordinator

Tyler Heath

Tyler works as the Business Coordinator at SparkCharge. He earned a B.S. in Business Administration while concentrating in finance and economic development at Messiah College. He holds professional certifications in Bloomberg, SOLO, and CFA Ethics. His experience includes leading Rove Excursions, and innovative tourism startup, and serving as the Chief Editor at Splatter Publishing.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Kevin Stillerman