QSM Diagnostics


The model is a razor/razor blade type. The company will manufacture and market medical instrument s with disposable sensors that will identify and quantify the level of bacterial infections. The products will be sold to both the veterinary market and to human healthcare market on a worldwide basis. The majority of revenue will be generated from the single use disposable sensors. Instrument s will be packaged and sold with specific sensor menu.

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Management Team

Ed Goluch


Phil Devlin

Senior exec in med device industry with 30+ yrs of management, sales, marketing, corporate strategy, business dev, clinical research, regulatory, product development, and ops experience. Grew several start-up medical ventures, including Aspect Medical, a $100 M global public company, to acquisition by Covidien in 2009. Raised capital, built strong teams, grew revenue and executed on business strategy. Lead exec on M&A totaling $1B invested.