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Our company build communication software endowed with a smart and real time translation system.

Veggie Slingers

We make awesome plant-based food for the picky eater and the health conscious. Our products are made of organic fruits and vegetables, seeds, and pure oils.


We allow our users to find the best events in an area. While providing event coordinators a platform to increase there attendance and profitability.

Debris Publishing, Inc.

Debris is the home of Quuve, the world’s first fully customizable web-based investment management ecosystem for professional investors.

RistCall LLC

RistCall helps hospitals & nursing homes in providing better patient nurse communication using smart watches


Deb is a platform for consumers to validate, negotiate, and settle debt in collection, hassle free, eliminating collection agency calls and threatening letters.

tessolar inc.

Integrated solar PV installation hardware dramatically reduces installed cost, for up to 35% lower cost of solar power.


Twiage sends powerful data between ambulances and hospital teams to accelerate life-saving emergency care.